Black Holes

By Lucas R-W and Garrett G

What are they? - & What do they do?

- Black holes are mysterious things in space. Scientists don't even know what's inside of them. All they know is that it's a black sphere, that sucks up all of matter with it's super strong gravitational pull - even light can't escape!

- Black holes are formed from stars that implode, like said above. They have such a strong gravitational pull, that nothing can escape. Scientists predict that if you were to enter one (which you definitly shouldn't), that you would be stretched and ripped, atom by atom, to your horrible death. But as you approached it, time would slow down, and stop when you hit the center (singularity). Wierd, huh? Watch this video for more.

Where are they?

- You can't really tell where they are, because of they're darkness - But, scientists think there may be one in our galaxy. What does our galaxy rotate aroud? Well, turns out, it's most likely that it's a very big, black hole. Scientists do know they exist because they have seen one before.


The Mystery

- Well, the thing is: when an object goes into a black hole, where does it go? We don't know. It could be, a parralell universe. One theory, is the wormhole theory. That it's a short way to get somewhere. Instead of you having to travel all the way to the other side of the universe, the universe would create a tunnel to get there really fast. Like teleportation. Cool, isn't it?

The End